Yoga is in the Heart

“You do not have to be strong or flexible to create a work of art.”

“This quote by Seane Corn speaks to my heart and soul on a deep level. Being a young woman who has a physical disability, I never thought that I would be doing Yoga, let alone become a Yoga Teacher.

Being a Yogi with Cerebral Palsy I want to inspire others and, in doing so, I inspire myself.

Yoga is not about the physical—whether we can get our leg over our head—but rather what is in our Heart.

Yoga is an art and I know in my heart, that I am here (like all of us), for a reason. My purpose is to share my challenges and disability through the art of Yoga. Yoga is an expression unlike any other and it allows me to truly be open and confident and vulnerable to whatever comes.

It allows me to accept myself for who I am: as a person with a disability. I am and will be forever grateful, honored and humbled by the love of healing, compassion, and beauty that Yoga and this Life has given me.”

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