There are a lot of people who love yoga but nobody loves it more than Ela Wojtowicz (see pic of Ela and Seane Corn).

I see her at yoga events all over the nation.

She has cerebral palsey AND you will never meet someone who is more FREE!

For anyone today who is feeling a little down, I’d like to share a bit about Ela and fire you up!

When asked about cerebral palsey, Ela shared, I was given the gift of Cerebral Palsy through my early entrance into world 3 ½ months early at 1 pound 5 ounces.

“Now, when I was a young girl I did not at all see my CP as really a gift. I saw it as a frustration and confusion and concern in many ways.

“Growing up with a younger sister who is able bodied, I was around sports and games and physical activities and I always had this feeling of, ‘Will I ever get to experience the excitement that my sister feels?’ It was a longing that I had for a very long time.”

Six years ago, Ela found yoga, first in the form of restorative, then Anti-Gravity, and then Seane Corn’s class which she described as “the most challenging but amazing class that I had EVER taken. It is a moment that I will truly never forget.”

Yoga has inspired Ela, as it inspires YOU and me…to recognize that our weaknesses are designed to embolden our strengths, and our challenges only sweeten our victories.

As Ela says, “I want to use the gift of my disability as an ABILITY to show people out there that yoga is a state of mind and heart and if you feel good in your mind and your heart, then you WILL succeed in this journey!”

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