“Off The Mat Into The World Global Seva Challenge India 2012″ Awareness Fundraising Letter

“why strech when you can reach?”

Dear family and friends,

I have taken upon a very important, yet challenging goal for myself this year. I have signed my intention form to raise, as much as I can, bringing awareness to the India Seva Challenge 2012; Bare Witness: Indian Humanitarian Tour, with one of my most inspiring yoga teachers, Seane Corn, a founder of “Off the Mat, Into the World” (OTM).

Seva means Selfless Service and it is through the Spirit of Seva that I have committed myself to the 2012 Seva Challenge. Through fundraising and events it is my goal to raise as much as I can for India by December, where we will be working on eradicating human trafficking and bringing awareness to the HIV/AIDS crisis. “Off The Mat Into The World”, part of the Engage Network, is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that bridges Yoga and Activism.

For more information on this year’s Challenge and how to get involved, please check out The potential partners and projects that we will be working with are the Apne Aap’s 3L Advocacy Program, where women and children learn resources valuable and necessary to survive; supporting the Dance Movement Therapy, building a “Center of Excellence” with Kolkata Sanved; building and painting a new training center, helping 40 women join the agency with Made by Survivors; building a composting machine, encouraging a cleaner environment with Clean Himalaya; building a shelter to house 25 girls with Sanlaap and building a new study space for children, with Ramana’s Garden. Your generous donation will help contribute towards the wellbeing of women and children, empowering them, rescuing them and rehabilitating them~giving a Voice to the Voiceless.

Once again, my goal is to raise as much as I can by December 2012 for India. If you have any questions and would like to discuss this further please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ela Wojtowicz




~”OFF THE MAT…INTO NEW JERSEY”~Picture–OFF-THE-MAT-AND-INTO-NEW-JERSEY-DEC–22nd.html?soid=1101621146854&aid=OcbPj6KZx4A#fblike

***UPDATE from my dear Jersey Girl Seane Corn~

“Hey Jersey, We had to make a change in venue. The OTMNJ event will now be held at the ATLANTIC CITY CONVENTION CENTER. We’ll officially change the invite sometime today, just wanted to put the word out. I will have info on auction/raffle items, etc. shortly as well. So excited about this event and appreciate the incredible outpouring of support we continue to receive. xx”

~***”We are looking for donations of items for our silent auction: gift cards, spa packages, vacations, yoga retreats and teacher trainings, yoga related items, clothing, jewelry and the like, of course nothing used. Please contact Nicole Cucinotta regarding auction donations here:”
~As per OTMNJ on Saturday December 22, 2012~”

Get involved and help New Jersey Stay Strong! :)


***UPDATE from Debby Kaminsky~





Join Seane Corn, Debby Kaminsky, Sharon Pingitore, myself and many like minded people as we come together in Community, Collaboration, Connection, Unity, Hope, and Love for the people that have lost so much during Hurricane Sandy, a storm that Mother Nature definitley taught us a valuable lesson with.


~Get off your mat and into the GardenState on Saturday, December 22, 2012 in Atlantic City at the Atlantic City Convention Center from 12~3pm. To get involved in any way please contact Debby at or visit

~More soon, so stay tuned!




With Deep Love & Gratitude,


Seane, the whole OTM team, Debby, Sharon, Liz Halfpapp and Fred DeVito, myself and LiveStream Radio, and many many others who are making this happen





Off The Mat Into New Jersey”


Yesterday December 22, 2012 was an epic day! We took our Yoga off the mat and into New Jersey. Hundreds of us Yogis and Yoginis gathered together in the name of Love, Healing, Hope, Unity for those devastated by Hurricane Sandy that hit the New Jersey/Tristate area on October 29, 2012. As one gentleman put it, “Possessions and materials and personals can be brought back, but what we can do as a community is help our neighbor. They need our support.” It was just so great and beautiful to see and be a part of something that was a thought created by dear Jersey Girl Seane Corn on Facebook and within minutes, hours, hundreds of us went to work and got our Seva on. And 5 weeks later, to have hundreds of us gathered at the hub of the New Jersey devastation was just unbelievable and amazing. As Seane so beautifully said, “It’s a true testament to the spirit of New Jersey and to the tristate area about what can happen when we come together as a community on a grassroots level and do what needs to be done. It is such a privilege to get to do what we do.” To be able to step into our Service and really feeling on a spiritual level that we ARE making a difference, one breath, one movement at a time, is just so beautiful.

Throughout this storm I believe that what it has taught me (through this practice of Yoga), is that we are the Garden State for a reason. Gardens have soil that is dark and it is through the darkness that trees grow, that flowers bloom. I feel that Mother Nature was crying to us saying, “Let’s rise up from this darkness and come together even stronger.” I am so blessed, grateful, and humbled to live in New Jersey, be from New Jersey and to be a part of this amazing, beautiful Yoga and Off The Mat Into The World community! Let’s serve and rise to our purpose and passion with prayer and intention.

Photo courtesy of Carl Kerridge