My Mission

My mission is to help those that have a physical challenge or limitation realize that our physical challenge is not what defines us. It is what we teach others around us with a positive attitude that we can do anything no matter how it may look to the person next to us in class or [...]


Anything is Possible

Carrie Writes: For disabled yoga teacher Ela Wojtowicz, practice opens pathway to self-knowledge by Carrie Barrepski I always love connecting with people who are doing amazing things. Recently I met a young woman through Facebook named Ela Wojtowicz who, like myself, doesn’t let her disability stand in her way. Ela and I soon discovered that [...]


Ela’s Yoga Adventures

My time at Passaic County Community College opened up a lot of doors and opportunities for me. My first semester at PCCC was quite a challenge but in many ways I am thankful for those challenges. Because of those challenges, yoga had come into my life. I walked into my first yoga class almost 5 [...]


“I Don’t Have a Disability, I Have Different Abilities”

An Interview with Chelsea Roff CR: Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me, Ela. Why don’t you begin by sharing about what initially brought you to the mat? EW: I know that as the saying goes, “Never say never…” but I really never thought that I would be practicing Yoga. (laughing) Yes, I [...]